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How to Find a Wedding Photographer in Devon

Photography is my passion. I'm always seeking to discover new techniques and take more photos of a particular subject or group of Devon people. Why the best photographer in Devon?

If you have an interesting story to tell, then we're the right people for you! Please note that all my work is sold on commission basis only, so if there's any work that you would like a non-commissioned estimate of please get in touch directly.

I specialize in wedding photography, however other types of photographs are also welcome. I would be happy to take photographs outside Devon and the South West, but most of my shooting takes place in Devon or Cornwall.

Working for myself is great, but the best part about being your own boss is how flexible you can be in working when you want to. When you have a life that revolves around family commitments, work commitments and an ambition to achieve goals you can do as much or as little as you want! If you love photography then this is the place for you - I'll be able to give you honest advice on what type of images will suit your tastes and budget whilst getting a great result in return. With professional equipment and years of experience behind me it's no wonder I'm one of the highest paid photographers in the South West region. offers this service to make sure you’re happy with your photographer! I’m always looking for new places to shoot and scenes or ideas. I love fresh scenery and images with just the right amount of color and texture to give the viewer something extra special – whether it’s an ordinary day out in Devon or a scene from the mountains in Scotland! Please get in touch if you have any thoughts about an area you’d like me to photograph! Click here now to contact me about working together for your wedding project today!

Wedding Photography for your wedding or events

Wedding photography is one of the most popular and exciting career choices available to today's generation of photographers. You can do it all! I've photographed weddings, corporate events, theater productions, feature films and landscapes over the last 15 years, I now just do weddings! And I love what I do, which means you will too!

It’s not that easy being a photographer these days. No one can afford to keep hiring the same photographer at every event they do – so why not get a bit more bang for your buck? If you're looking for a photographer who understands how to work with clients on both ends of the spectrum then give me a call and let's discuss how we can come up with some fantastic ideas together. It’s always better when you have someone who shares your values - if you feel like this person is worth adding to your team then sign up for my trial package now!

I can’t help you with your wedding!

Wedding photography is a great way to show off your style and capture special moments. I love getting to spend time with my clients, capturing their special memories. What’s more, it's fun being in the scene, so if you want to get some beautiful photographs of yourself and your significant other, then I'm just what you're looking for!

I'd love nothing more than to make a bit of a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life. That's why I do what I do – because I want to ensure that everyone can make something out of their lives and enjoy being happy, healthy and successful.

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