25 Mar
What Is Link Building

What is Link Building?

Google's newest algorithm change is the latest to make many SEO experts sit up and realize the futility of applying advanced SEO tactics on their sites. Many sites are now experiencing drop in ranking and traffic while others have seen a modest increase.

While this drop in ranking isn't a big deal to those who have been in the business long enough to figure out how to deal with the unpredictable effects of Google's whims, I bet you never expected to see your business go from the 7th page to the 60th in just a month.

What's going on?

To answer this, we must look back to April 29th when Google made some changes that changed the landscape of SEO for good. (Google doesn't make any more updates until they've implemented a major update so don't panic if you see an "updates" link on your site any time soon. Update your software, update your content, and wait a couple of days, you're Google update will take a couple of weeks to make its way through the search engine's internal scheduling. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.)

At the time, Google explained that the changes they were making were just a taste of things to come. They would later tell anyone who would listen that the updates in question were trying to make their search results more human and focused on more relevant results. You may have heard of those folks, they're the ones who wrote the algorithm.

The changes in question were focused on local search results, but those changes are now a done deal. They've done what Google was asked to do and now they move forward to a new challenge.

The big changes that will be affecting SEO in the near future?

1. The updates will be focused on people and their geographic preferences. So your keyword might be "Birmingham SEO", but a user looking to work with a Birmingham SEO would search for "Birmingham SEO". No more keyword mumbo jumbo for you. They've got your geographic searches firmly in mind. This is a good thing, because if you're a company that is trying to make a name for yourself in Birmingham, you should probably concentrate on the keywords that are most relevant to the needs of the local market.

2. The updates will also be focused on the "quality and quantity of links" that a site receives. The search engines will be trying to determine which links are high quality and relevant to the pages that the links point to. This is a great change because Google is really trying to focus on the quality of the content, and a link coming from a high quality site is much more valuable than a link from a low quality site. Google wants to see pages with relevant content.

That makes sense, right? Content is King

The last change that will be a bit concerning is that Google is trying to focus more on making the news out of a site. As they've said before, it's the real news that drives page rank. It's how an individual site is different from another site. What is this "new" news that's different or better than the other sites? Therefore they've begun focusing on this. The only change you should expect in Google's news algorithm is that all your pages will tend to appear together in the same results list. There is no changing of category structure, and we have no evidence that site specific directories will be affected in any way.

So if you have nothing special to report, then there's really not much to worry about. All of your normal web marketing techniques should still work just fine. If you have something special to report, and you think that an article could be more beneficial to your visitors, then try adding one or two articles to your site. These can be linked together, as in this article can also be linked together to form a blog. You might see a small increase in links from different sites. But that's nothing major. Overall, Google should return to its natural state and all your links will return to normal. All in all, what's going to concern you is the ranking of your pages.

That's really all there is to it. You don't have to do anything. The search engines will take care of the rest. This is not your normal link building, and the search engines will be looking to you for that. There's no reason to buy links. There's no reason to register with links website. All you have to do is be a good guest and provide great content. And if you do that, you'll see a surge in your traffic.

Google's newest algorithm change SEO experts sit up and realize the futility of applying advanced SEO


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