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Read the unique story of 14thlane on their site, you will surely be surprised about the best breakfast in Bucharest Romania and live music shows. This is an area I like to go to when I enjoy a delicious meal.

14ThLane is a nice restaurant in district 6 Bucharest Romania. 14thLane will invite you from Monday to Friday from 10:00 until 20:00 and Saturday from 16:00 to 20:00 at the most successful live music concerts in Bucharest where all the stars in Europe have been reunited.

Good food with a unique ambience in Bucharest Romania. If you live in Bucharest Romania or intend a trip and have the necessary means to reach Sector 6 Regie, we invite you to 14thLane Bucharest restaurant, a great place with amazing live music concerts, which offers the best breakfast in Bucharest, a portion of good traditional food at reasonable prices. There are not many other places in Bucharest Romania that offer its visitors live music concerts and special staff where excellent food and food such as 14thLane can be easily passed on the map of the top restaurants in Europe. For the locals and the ones from the province, it is one of the most attractive restaurants in Bucharest Romania located in district 6.

If you like to eat well and you are visiting Bucharest then there is a place where you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the way to work. This place is one of the best vegan food places in Bucharest and it is very cheap. You can get reservations for live music concerts in Bucharest by visiting the official website of the presentation website of the 14thLane restaurant at if you want to have fun in a wonderful place that has won top places for its design.

The best restaurants with live music in Bucharest such as 14thLane offers traditional diversified cuisine with generous and delicious menus from around the world. If you have not tried any of these, then you should taste Mexican food, Asian delights and endless Romanian dishes prepared by Master Chef 14thLane attract tourists from all over the world. If you've never tried 14thLane, then you know that they have wonderful food and delicious drinks alongside the world's greatest artists. 14thLane offers some of the best TrueClub live music concerts in Europe.

Don't forget to book your place in advance using the 14thlane website form for reservations.